About Brad

As a Health and Fitness Coach, Brad’s experience spans 18+ years of promoting and maintaining Physical well-being and Nutrition, nurturing his clients to achieve their Fitness Goals.

Brad works in conjunction with local Health Professionals to streamline the care you need to achieve your physical potential.

Health and Fitness are an integral part of Brad’s life, as is engaging with Nature, reflected by his love of Surfing, Running, and years of being a Horticulturalist.

It is Brad’s belief that combining Physical Fitness goals with regular training, in an outdoor environment, this promotes a Healthy Mind and Body.

Brad’s Qualifications

  • Cert IV in Fitness – Personal Training
  • Athletics Australia – Level 2 Recreational Runner
  • Boot Camp Advanced Instructor Level 1, 2
  • High Intensity Resistance Training
  • Punch Fit and Kick pad instructor
  • Injury Prevention for Runners + Barefoot Running
  • Suspension Trainer Certified
  • Restoring Optional Function: Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Ankle rehab
  • Postural Analysis / Functional Assessment
  • Exercising throughout Pregnancy and Beyond

Joining Brad’s boot camp 18 months ago quite literally transformed my life.  I am a healthier, more motivated and focused person because of it.  Brad has a genuine passion for helping us all meet and exceed our fitness and health goals.  18 months ago, I wouldn’t have fathomed running even a few kilometres, last year, thanks to Brad, I completed a full 42km marathon…

Jamie, 31 Sydney Park

I have been using Brad Tonge as my personal trainer for the past three years.  He is far more than just a personal trainer in the sense of getting you fit.  He will work very closely with you through nutrition and training in order for you to reach your goals.  If you are looking for a personal trainer in the true sense of the word then you have found him.  If you want to talk to me personally feel free to call me anytime…

Charles Bailey, Director Ray White Real Estate